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VTP Coalescing Filtration & Vacuum Dehydration Turbine Oil Conditioner

VTP Series Turbine Oil Conditioners are designed for gas turbine system maintenance. The unit provides an efficient way to remove solid and water contaminants in one process. The treatment is pure physical, Coalescing Filtering and Vacuum Dehydration can rapidly and thoroughly remove all forms of water contents (free, emulsified, and dissolved) from turbine oil. The water contents can be reduced to 50 ppm, and the fine filtration design gradually takes particulate contaminants out of oil. Regular practice will keep the oil clean, and prolong the life of turbine system.


  • Powerful vacuum system
  • Anti-emulsification Filtration
  • Coalescer Free Water Separation
  • Five-stage Solid Filtration
  • Infra-red oil level auto control
  • Interlocked preventive design
  • Indirect heater to avoid overburning

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