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HFRP Stainless Steel Phosphate Ester Fire-resistant Fluid Purifier

Phosphate ester (PE) based hydraulic & lube oils are used widely in crucial equipments where fire-resistance is a must.

This HFRP series Oil Purifier is designed for maintain Phosphate Ester Fire-resistant Fluids, reducing down time.  The body of the unit is made of  stainless steel to prevent acid corrosion.  Coalescing Filtration can rapidly remove free oil contents from oil,and Vacuum Dehydration will further eliminate emulsified and dissolved moisture.


  • Anti-acid corrosion
  • Multi-stage Solid Contaminant Filtering
  • Coalesce Water Separation
  • Interlocked preventive design
  • Indirect heater to avoid overburning
  • Infra-red oil level auto control

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