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DVTP Double-stage Transformer Oil Treatment Plant

DVTP series High Vacuum Oil Filtration Machines are designed for preparation of new insulating oil and purification of oil in service for regular maintenance.

With double-stage vacuum (rotary-vane pump & Roots vacuum booster) and three-stage fine filtration design, this oil purifier is especially suitable for high voltage power and distribution transformers. The vacuum dehydration and filtration treatment will remove water contents, gases, solid contaminants from oil, improving oil’s insulation properties. Besides purification (online or offline), the unit can also be used for pumping vacuum and vacuum filling oil into transformer.


  • Powerful multiple vacuum stage
  • Duplex evaporation technology
  • Automatic oil level control
  • Interlocked preventive design
  • Low-watt indirect heating
  • On-load oil processing

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